Thursday, May 5, 2016

Has anyone seen my walkman?

I can remember being a little girl watching my Mom put her make up on and thinking she was such a beautiful woman,  she still is a beautiful woman. I can clearly and vividly recall the way she applied her shimmery 80's eye shadow with her tiny little eye shadow brush with such precession and thinking I cant wait till I'm older.

My entire childhood from that moment forward was me waiting eagerly to get older. It couldn't come fast enough for me. I did everything in my power to accelerate the process by wearing make-up at a pretty early age...years earlier then my own daughter wore it. Hanging out with older people in school and eventually ending my childhood completely and having a kid at 17.

But, I never felt older. I never looked older, and I never considered myself older. I still don't a lot of the time until today.

In about ten weeks I will be turning 40. Its not devastating. I have after all been waiting to be old since I was five. I try real hard to embrace my age and own it. When people ask I proudly say I'm almost forty, When someone asks me to do something physically straining or difficult I proudly say I'm almost forty. I think its because I don't look or feel or think I'm forty that I don't mind forty so much. And besides Forty is the new twenty right?

I am a huge fan of Instagram Memes and when I find my mind is racing and I need a mini mental break from reality or I'm going to the bathroom I will spend however many mindless minuets getting great enjoyment from Instagram. I also like to tag my 3 friends in anything I find funny. I tag my Mom in stuff I tag my kids and my brother.

I'm good at tagging. So good and I do it so often that frequently Instagram pops a message up on my screen telling me I tagged too many times and I have to start adding comments to my overly used @whomever.

That was of course until the other day when Instagram all of a sudden without any warning to me changed things. I don't know specifically what they changed but what I do know is that if I don't click a little x on the box to the right then my tagged @whomever and sometimes it is multiple @whomevers gets sent as a direct message.

Maybe I was a cat in a past life because honestly I am not a huge fan of change. I seldom do updates cause they change shit on me. It was like how, the other day I went into Wal-mart and I needed a loonie to get a cart. Why? And Why wasn't there and announcement of some sort letting people know carts are now gonna be a dollar$$$ so that people can prepare.

Why didn't Instagram send me an email saying there are going to be some changes. It took me almost three weeks to figure out how to use the new emotion things on Facebook, even now I forget how sometimes. I used to think I was OK with technology. I grasped my smart phones capabilities and I understood how to use my aps and I felt like I was with the times. I guess that was before I could see middle age.

So thanks Instagram for making me have 7 in boxed group messages to people that don't belong in a group together. And also for making me look like a senior citizen using their debit card for the very first time! And thanks Wal-Mart cart stealer's for ruining it for the rest of us. And thanks Facebook for giving me multiple options when liking things. Don't even get me started about SnapChat!!

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