Monday, May 16, 2016

That day at the cove and the spider that almost killed me...

We are lucky enough to have a cabin on a lake up north. My great-grand-father won the land in a poker game and went up there one summer in 1942ish with my grandfather, a Swed named Fin {or maybe he was a Finnish guy name Swed } and some other people. They cut a trail and built the cabin. I'm sure there is much more to it then that but that is story for another time.

So we have a cabin and a bunch of lake shore property. The lake is quiet and usually crystal clear and has a beautiful sand bottom on our end.  We own most of the one end, our nearest visual neighbour is a boat ride away. Most of the swimming goes on in the water right out front of the cabin, however just a little ways down to the left is a wondrous little cove. Its nice and secluded, gets lots of sun and has a beach pretty much all year long.

The only draw back on our quiet little lake is that you spend most of the summer waiting for the beach to show up. Our lake is a feeder lake so in the spring the water is super high and as the summer comes to a close the beach is vast. Its bitter sweet.

Our little cove has a small beach right from the start of the summer and it is a great place to swim or hang out and get a tan or read a book or whatever it is one does in a quiet secluded beach cove. Over the years we have built a little fort, a while back someones dock washed up on the cove beach and has been there ever since, there is an old wooden chair and a fallen tree that is great to jump off of if your little. And in the fall we dig a fire pit in the sand.

The kids and I have had many amazing memories in the cove and it is one of our favourite places to just hang out. There is seldom a trip to the cabin without hitting the cove. A few years back we cut a trail through the bush so you can get to the cove over land or water.

This past weekend the kids, my mother and I all went up to the cabin to check on it after the winter. It was just a day trip and the weather was shit so we didn't do much. We did pick some wild forest leeks and went on a hike. The black flies were horrible I actually literally was swarmed. It was horrible. I ate two bugs and one flew right into my eye. The trilliums made up for it. We are lucky enough to have white pink and deep burgundy trilliums on our property.

I brought my camera with me. Last year my granddad bought me a cute little camera/video camera and I began filming everything. I was going to Vlog, I still might, it's a lot of work and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how I like things that are easy. Anyway I wanted to shoot some video of the kids this weekend and I wasn't able to because I had a full memory card of all the crazy videos I shot last summer.

The day was dragging on a bit and like I said the bugs were stupid insane and I sat on the sofa to view my memory card videos to see if there was anything I could delete to make a bit of room, and I got to watching the videos. I came across a trio of videos I shot of myself, Brittany, Hunter and the cat at the cove last summer.

The videos were amazing and I truly wonder why no one has given me my own tv show. These videos were the reason I had gotten the camera in the first place. I believe that the crazy ass shit that we say and do as a family needs to be recorded and viewed for the worlds entertainment.

I attached the last of the 3 videos below for your enjoyment. And I shall lead you up to the point this video begins.....

Myself, Brittany, Hunter and the cat are all at the cove. We have boated down in a canoe and kayak, We had a number of items with us, such as life jackets, towels, a beach blanket, a boogie board, paddles for the boats, and a number of other random things you might bring to the beach with you.

Its a beautiful day, the sun is shining, by the look of things we had just finished swimming and were sitting in the sun chit chatting about what words were and were not swear words. There seemed to be some mild disagreement as to whether Biatch and douche were considered "swears". The first video ends with the sound of laughter and smiles on our faces.

I start video 2 and it is Brittany standing in a very agitated state and Hunter off in the distance pulling both the canoe and kayak behind him in the water as he swims back to the cabin.

Somewhere between video one and two shit goes down. Hunter and Brittany have an epic disagreement, sand gets thrown and kayak paddles are tossed into the forest, name calling ensues  (we did just discuss what is acceptable and what wasn't so they both stayed within the expectations).  Hunter takes the boats and leaves us on the beach with all the stuff and no boats and no shoes...did I mention I wasn't wearing shoes, we boated over and I didn't think I'd need shoes to go swimming at the cove.

You can hear him off in the distance telling us {I wasn't involved in any of the disagreement, I was like Beyonce on the elevator that day but I had to pay the dam price, did I mention I wasn't wearing any shoes!} that he hoped we drown on the way back. I quickly let him know that I'd be walking back through the path and I highly doubted that it would be possible for me to drown because as the adult in this particular situation I felt like I needed to get my two cents in as immaturely as possible.

Video 2 ends with Brittany pointing out the fact that Bandit {the cat} was digging a hole in the sand and taking a shit as Hunter swims off with our only means of transportation. So far I'm beyond impressed that I  a] found these videos and b] captured this shit on video.

Now at this point I clearly and vividly remember this particular day at the beach with the kids. Its clear as a bell in my head and I get tingles inside at the thought that video 3 is by far the most fantastic part of not only the entire day that day but the entire summer last year.

You are probably thinking I am crazy! So far this sounds like the worst day at the beach and that my kids are little shits. Well they are little shits, everyones kids are little shits. One time they made me cry at Disney Land. It happens, but, they are a whole lot of fun to be around and I wouldn't want kids that were perfect and good all the time. It's the crazy mixed up moments that make life so much more enjoyable.

So I turn on video 3 and I already know what's coming. Brittany comes and sits next to me and starts watching the video and within a few seconds Hunter is also cuddled in and watching.

"Oh my god mom! Is this that day we had to walk back from the cove?" Brittany asks and Hunter starts laughing "I would so make you guys walk back again. " he snickers

The Video is only a few minuets long but the three of us sit in silence watching with huge smiles on our faces and the excitement and anticipation of knowing what's to come.

Brittany and I gathered up all our beach items that day and headed back through the woods to the cabin, that is of course until I had a close encounter with a spider and Brittany deserted me faster then the day the swans almost ate me.

***Ok so for the life of me I can NOT get this video to load onto here. I have literally spent the better part of my day trying to get the darn thing to rotate. I shot the video sideways. I did finally manage to load the video on to my ipad and then into Imovie where I was able to cut it down a little a turn it right side up so it was viewable. I then was able to post it to my goggle+ but for the life of me it wont load here soooooo here is a link to the video on my goggle+ who knows if this will work?? At the end I posted a link to all three videos if you are so inclined to watch our day at the cove.***

{wait for it at 3:45 I feel like I may of crossed paths with a spider.}

We must of laughed for a good few mins after the video ended and we sat around the black fly free cabin and reminisced of that day and many other amazing days we've had the pleasure of sharing with one another.

Life isn't always about the perfect moments, the very best memories are made during the times when everything is perfectly imperfect like that day at the cove and the spider that almost killed me!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (same as link above)

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